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Chipped teeth are often the unfortunate consequence of an abnormal activity, like grinding your teeth at night without wearing a dental guard or absentmindedly using your teeth as tools. Athletes who participate in vigorous activities and sports without a necessary mouthguard are also at heightened risk of suffering a chipped tooth.

Even if you don’t experience any discomfort in the chipped tooth, you should still strongly consider seeking professional care at Preston Family Dentistry. In time, the damaged tooth enamel could harbor a new cavity.

If the chip is large or in a critical area of the tooth, Dr. Mehrnaz Iranmehr might recommend restoring the tooth with a dental crown. This is a perfect replica of the entire tooth enamel layer that is cast from either gold, porcelain, or a metallic alloy.

Dr. Mehrnaz Iranmehr will start by examining the tooth and taking some X-rays to assess the extent of the damage. If the interior of the tooth has been damaged, she might need to perform a root canal before the restoration can begin.

Dr. Mehrnaz Iranmehr will then use her dental drill to remove the entire enamel layer of the tooth, leaving the healthy interior of the tooth completely unaffected. This abutment will eventually act as an anchor point for the dental crown.

At the end of this appointment, Dr. Mehrnaz Iranmehr will create an impression of the abutment and surrounding teeth. The abutment will then be protected by a temporary crown. The impression will be sent to a dental lab technician who will custom make your new crown.

You will need to come back in for a short second appointment when your final crown is ready. During this appointment, Dr. Mehrnaz Iranmehr will remove the temporary crown and cement your new crown into place over the abutment.

If you have recently suffered a chipped tooth and you live in the Dallas, Texas, area, you should call 972-447-9707 to seek professional treatment at Preston Family Dentistry.