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Everyone knows being up to date on the latest and greatest technology can put you ahead! But did you know your Teeth play a huge role?!

That’s right, today there’s a new design for a tooth implant, and it’s certainly causing a buzz…Literally!

The implant, currently on display in London’s Science Museum, is suited to fit the user’s needs. Better yet, the procedure will be simple and can occur during any routine dental surgery.

From there, the possibilities are endless…

1. Hear your alarm without waking anyone sleeping beside you

2. Receive stock market information while simultaneously enjoying your favorite hobbies!

3. Enjoy your favorite music without disturbing others

4. Receive phone calls

5. Communicate with coaches while on the field

And so much more!

So how does it work? Your jawbone functions as an antenna, while your head functions as a receiver set. Bone resonance allows for discreet sound reception, and users can create a “surround sound” effect by implanting the chip into multiple teeth! Maybe this will be the perfect gift for some future Father’s Day.

Wow – Looks like a smile goes an even longer way in 2013!