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If you have stained or yellowed teeth, Dr. Mehrnaz Iranmehr may recommend teeth whitening in Dallas, Texas. However, it is important to note that not everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening. Before any whitening is treatment is performed, it is important that you consider certain factors.

Age & Pregnancy
Whitening before a patient is 16 could cause irritation to the dental pulp. Teeth whitening is also not recommended for those who are pregnant.

Sensitive Teeth and Allergies
If you have sensitive teeth, sensitive gums, or receding gums, it is important that you consult Dr. Mehrnaz Iranmehr before bleaching your smile. In addition, those who are allergic to peroxide should not use a whitening product, as peroxide is the whitening agent.

Any cavities need to be treated before you have teeth whitening. If cavities are left untreated, the bleaching product can penetrate the inner areas of the tooth, causing sensitivity.

Dental Restorations
Dental restorations like tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns, dental bridges, and veneers do not react to the bleaching product. As a result, any whitening done to a smile with restorations will result in uneven whitening—the teeth without restorations will appear lighter than those with restorations.

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