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It’s time to raise our glasses for a toast – during these nice summer evenings with friends.

…but are you worried about having red wine in that glass you’re holding?…

Actually, in addition to having a wine night with some old friends in order to catch up, red wine may also be improving your smile!

We know, we know…most people don’t generally think of red wine as a way to improve their smile; after all, it tends to leave the ever dreaded purple stain in our mouth! But according to new research, over the last few years, red wine in some ways is actually extremely beneficial, and here’s why!

Red wine compounds block certain corrosive bacterias from clinging to our teeth! And these same corrosive bacterias are responsible for eroding the tooth enamel and leading to cavities!

And what about that red stain? Drink some sparkling water to rinse the purple off your teeth. It’s not going to be a cure-all for red wine teeth stains, but it’ll certainly reduce the effect. The carbonation will lightly scrub the wine away before it has a chance to set in a stain. And be sure to brush your teeth an hour or so before the evening starts. The purple in red wine loves to stick onto the plaque so make sure that your teeth are clean.

So, go ahead, drink in moderation and…Cheers to another healthy smile!