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As we age, we think about the health of our bones, heart, or brain. However, keeping our teeth healthy is just as important as we get older. Aging adults actually have an increased risk of a variety of oral health conditions, so it is important that you to speak with your dentist to have a preventative plan that’s tailored just for you.

Conditions associated with aging

Your body continues to change as you grow older, and so does your mouth. Some conditions can become more common as you reach an older age, including:

Root decay. Even though you have had your teeth a long time improper nutrition or cleaning in the past may lead to decay at the roots of your teeth.
Tissue inflammation. Are your gums sensitive, inflamed, or do they occasionally bleed? This may indicate gum disease or possibly having dentures that are not fitted properly.
Oral cancer. Risk for most cancers increases with age, and oral cancer is no exception. Older adults are at increased risk for oral cancer compared to younger individuals.
Dry mouth. Yes, your salivary glands continue to produce saliva as you get older, but medications and chronic health problems may in certain cases cause dry mouth.
Diminished sense of taste. Your ability to taste will naturally diminish over the course of your life.
So how can you prevent dental problems?

The good news is that many age-related oral dental health problems are preventable. You can start by improving your diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Whenever possible drink water instead of coffee or soda. This will help keep your teeth whiter and cavity-free. And as always, remember to practice good brushing habits to prevent cavities and gum disease.

Schedules visits to see us at least twice a year. This comes even more important as you reach older adulthood. Over regular visits, we will be familiar with your oral health and sometimes we may be the first to notice a sore, discolored patch, inflammation, or other abnormalities that need treatment.

In the meantime, if you’re experiencing any problems with dental health, let us know immediately. Together, you can provide solutions and create a plan that keeps your mouth and gums healthy.

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