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With Easter right around the corner it’s easy to forget what’s best for our teeth! Like Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day before it, Easter promotes an indulgence in sweets… but who says every year has to be the same? This holiday, try making a few modifications to the goodies in your baskets and redeem yourself!

It’s easy as…

1. Replace sweets with bracelets, baseball cards, stickers, lip gloss, crayons, DVDs, CDs, video games, etc. Teach yourself and your kids to get excited about goodies that aren’t edible or sugary, but rather, can be enjoyed year round!

2. If you can’t resist the sweets, try to stay away from hard candy. Hard candy lingers in your mouth and is a leading cause of cavities and disruption of sealants. Instead, choose chocolates for your basket; it melts quickly in your mouth rather than lodging itself in crevices and leading to future tooth decay. Also enjoy sugar free gum; this is one goodie that prevents cavities by dislodging food particles and increasing saliva.

3. Get excited about dental care products. Find the thrill in dental care with musical tooth brushes, flavored floss, and sparkly tooth pastes all geared towards making your dental care experience an exciting one! Remember, the easiest way to avoid cavities is to brush your teeth immediately after eating!

So, let go of your usual habit when expecting the Easter rabbit… take control of your smile!