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At Preston Family Dentistry, we enjoy treating the dental needs of the whole family. As your trusted family dentist in the Plano & North Dallas area, Dr. Iranmehr believes that your children’s first dental experiences will set the tone for a lifetime of positive dentist experiences, and also set your child on the correct path towards excellent dental health!

During your child’s first dental appointment, our aim is to:

First and foremost, make it a good experience! We keep it fun, upbeat, and provide them with a reason to want to come back. We feel it is important to establish a great relationship with each member of your family.
Promote good dental care habits. This is an important function of any pediatric dentist. By positively teaching your children the basics of good oral care, we make them aware of their own dental health.
Educate the parents. Everyone at Preston Family Dentistry wants to give you the knowledge and skills required to make sure good dental health is important in your child’s life!
If you’re looking for a caring family dentist in the Dallas or Plano area, to take care of both your and your child’s teeth, you have found them at Preston Family Dentistry.