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Use Lip Balm: Dry chapped lips can make your smile less appealing. And as the dry winter months get closer it is more important than ever. And this is for the guys too!

One Just For The Ladies: Maybe your teeth aren’t naturally white and you want to make them look brighter for a special occasion, try a nice bright lip stick to brighten up your smile. The contrast will make your teeth look whiter. Cherry, berry and plum shades work best.

Avoid Red Gums: Get the floss out and floss on a regular basis. Flossing is the only answer to pink, healthy looking gums. So don’t be forgetful about it, if you want the perfect smile, get that floss out and use it!

Try out an electric toothbrush: This will help to keep your teeth clean, removing day to day stains. We’ve mentioned this before, and it really is a good idea to assist you and brushing more thoroughly.

Use A Good Toothpaste: A good toothpaste helps to keep your teeth nice and bright, keeps the gums nice and healthy. Ask us for recommendations if you do not already have a favorite.