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Making sure kids brush their teeth regularly can often be a lot harder than saying, “Time to brush your teeth.” Sometimes adding an element of fun makes all the difference. Since brushing is a lifelong habit that needs to start early to ensure good oral health, here are some suggestions that can keep children brushing…and loving it!

Brush together

Make it a family activity. Everyone standing next to each other in front of the mirror and brushing their teeth at the same time makes the experience feel inclusive. Your children can pattern their brushing on your technique.

Choose cool toothpastes

Fun flavors like bubblegum or fruit flavors make it cool to brush. Rotate flavors for variety.

Use brushes with character

Tooth brushes with favorite cartoon or movie characters or cute designs on them are always a big hit. There are also all kinds of neat shapes out there, from race cars to princesses.

Give stick-to-it rewards

Colorful stickers are a great way to encourage daily brushing. Consider giving children a sticker every time they brush, then making a chart to record progress. Give a special reward (i.e. a small toy) if they brush for a whole week; larger rewards come when they brush for a whole month.

Tell a story or sing a song with some “bite”

Make up a simply silly story or sing a little song about brushing. These activities make tooth brushing time extra exciting.

With a little bit of creativity and entertaining routines, getting kids to brush their teeth will be something to smile about!