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We’ve heard it said that ‘Dentistry is 85% communication and 15% dental skills’. In other words, good dentistry can’t happen without good communication.

What do we mean by good communication?

make the patient feel comfortable, even on their first visit
discuss all the options of necessary treatment, including the pros and cons
recognize, and ease, any fear
be honest about the costs and billing
take time to explain everything relevant about any treatment
discuss openly how long the treatment will last and the necessary maintenance
Communicating gets the right results

With the right level of communication, there are no surprises and we can practice at a very high level dentistry. Building a level of confidence so that the results match the expectations means that patients feel empowered and confident about the entire process.

you know that you will get the best care possible
you are happy and comfortable and earlier fear of going to the dentist is minimized
you get to know how passionate we are about our work and stand behind all of our work
It is all about connecting with people. We want to make going to the Dentist a pleasurable experience, and we will do anything in our power to make it so.