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It’s Kentucky Derby weekend – time to sink our teeth into some southern cooking, southern fun, and LOTS of sun! White Teeth and Hat

Do you know what that means? A whole day of Vitamin D intake!

The “Sunshine Vitamin” is essential for healthy teeth and bones, just as essential as calcium! The body only needs approximately ten to fifteen minutes of sun exposure, twice a week, in order to strengthen those pearly whites.

Don’t worry, ladies, your hats won’t be a problem! In fact, even if the day turns out a little overcast there are still ways to provide your body with an adequate amount of vitamin D. Foods like milk, eggs, sardines, and tuna fish are fortified with the sunshine vitamin.

Here are a few Southern style choices that will provide you and your guests with vitamin D even in the sun’s absence!

Country ham and biscuits – salami, ham, or sausages are filled with the vitamin!
Baby hot browns – dairy products like cheese are high in vitamin D!
Watercress Canapés – caviar is extremely high in that sunshine vitamin!
Smoked Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms – Now here’s a Triple Crown intake…sausage AND mushrooms will fill you up!
Citrus Drop Cocktail – top it all off with a cocktail using fortified orange juice!
…After Derby day, your dentist will bet on you for a Triple Crown worthy smile!