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With the coming Holidays, thoughts turn to taking some time to relax and taking a break from work. The preparation for the Holidays can be hectic. Many patients use this time, before and after the Holidays, to come in for a routine examination and cleaning. This makes sense since with all the seasonal treats we often see patients with dislodged older fillings – all due to Holiday sweet excesses! The old adage – prevention is better than cure – is very true around, and shortly after, the Holiday season.

And the next thing you know it will be the New Year. Have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions? How many of us always promise to look after ourselves better each New Year? But in your efforts to get fitter and healthier did you know that excellent dental health is the corner stone of overall general health? By having healthy dental hygiene, your diet can improve – and by extension so can your general health.

In planning for the New Year, here is a suggestion that will help take care of all of these plans. If it has been awhile, contact your dentist and get a check up. Routine dental check ups take very little time – easily worked into even the busiest schedules. Dental practices, such as Preston Family Dentistry, have convenient opening hours – allowing you to pick a time that suits you.
At this check-up your dentist can best advise you on your current dental health, and the stability and longevity of your existing dental restorations (fillings etc.). They can also help to guide you in any treatment that may be necessary to secure long-lasting dental health.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Preston Family Dentistry!