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It’s summertime, and there’s really no better reason to smile – after all, summer is all about your teeth.

Girl Brushing TeethThink about it…

– Vitamin D intake

– Sinking our teeth into our favorite foods


Yes, summer camp at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry has everything to do with your pearly whites – The Bridge to Dentistry program makes a commitment to the next generation of dentists by creating opportunities throughout the week for high school students including:

1. Job shadowing!

2. Performing dental techniques on patient simulators – teaching participants how to prepare teeth, place sutures, and take radio-graphs!

3. Participating in discussions concerning sterilization, infection control, and radiation safety!

So why did they just recently begin running this program?

Because the American Dental Education Association predicted that within five years more dentists will be retiring from the work force than graduating from school!

YIKES! Looks like summer isn’t all about wearing smiles, but saving them too!

Get to it, find a way to save a smile, after all…

If you want to be a dentist, you gotta know the drill!