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Is your mouth being plagued by cavities? Are you suffering from tooth enamel loss and experiencing signs of tooth decay and gum disease? If you are, the chances are that your oral health habits are not being done efficiently, effectively, or regularly enough. Fortunately, if you do suffer from a lack of proper oral hygiene, its negative consequences can be stopped, and in many cases, even reversed.

The first step in fighting cavities is to make sure you are eating properly. Switch to a diet of healthy nutritious foods including plenty of fruits and vegetables. The foods and drinks you consume are one of the main risks you have for developing cavities or other oral health ailments. This includes removing products that are extremely acidic or high in sugars.

The next step in combating cavities comes in oral health care cleaning habits. The two most important ones are brushing and flossing daily. Always use dental tools that are safe for your mouth and can do the tasks required of them accurately and correctly. For additional care, always attend any regular checkups with your dentist as well as schedule bi-annual professional cleanings twice a year. This helps examine your oral health and clean and correct any issues you have as well as check for any problematic areas that may be developing.

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