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Need another vacation? Let’s take a trip around the world and check out the importance of dentistry on a global level!

Dentist around the world

First stop, Australia!

Australia stressed the importance of dentistry keeping “its eye on the ball,” both metaphorically and literally. In the field of dentistry, the significance of quality over quantity was emphasized in regards to dental education. And on an actual field, Australia promoted 5 good reasons to wear a mouth guard!

So long Australia, hello China!

China is enthusiastic about increasing its ties with the American Dental Association (ADA). Both the ADA and the Chinese Stomatological Association look forward to working as a unit to promote dental healthcare globally!

We look forward to working with you China! Now off to Ireland!

Here is a little bit of Irish Dental Association trivia! Did you know that barely half of all Irish children brush their teeth more than once a day?! Or that the most common sports injuries are Orofacial?! How about this, dentists are among the 5 most trusted professionals in Europe!

The trip is almost over; before we head home let’s make a quick stop in Canada!

For neighboring Canadians, big things are happening this month – National Oral Health Month – especially next week. Do you know what Canadians are celebrating beginning April 8? Here are a few hints…

A celebration of “oral health for total health”
Thousands of dentist will come together in celebration
Everyone, even little ones, can promote oral hygiene through coloring, trivia, media, etc.
You got it… its National Dental Hygienist Week. Now that’s a mouth full!

Well-traveled and with a broader knowledge of dentistry, I’d say you made it back home a Renaissance Patient! Now, there’s only one thing left to do…

Keep calm and carry on brushing!