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It is hard to resist your favorite dessert and there is nothing wrong with an occasional sweet treat. However, if you find that your sweet tooth is out of control, and you cannot seem to resist eating too many sugary foods, there is a way you can curb that habit that may be detrimental to your dental health. The American Council on Exercise has 5 tips that can help you tame a sugar addiction.

Eat lots of fiber to help you feel full, and include some fruits and berries to enjoy something sweet.
Keep only a single serving of chocolate or other high-calorie sweet on hand.
Avoid vending machines.
Prepare homemade trail mix, including pretzels, nuts and dried fruit.
Eat your sweet treat slowly, savoring and enjoying each bite so you feel better satisfied.
During your regular dental checkups, Preston Family Dentistry can provide more tips to make sure you have a beautiful healthy smile.