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Having trouble getting your kids to brush? Maybe they just aren’t enjoying that minty fresh taste in their mouth! Maybe, the flavor of bacon is more enticing…

Or have you had a long day at work? Feels like a scotch on the rocks kind of evening? Stop yourself! Just use your scotch flavored toothpaste…

Okay, okay, you get the point – there are some pretty wacky toothpaste flavors on the shelves these days!

…But hey, maybe it really is just what you’ve been looking for!

Below are a few more flavors to satisfy your cravings and whiten your smile!

Cupcake – Everybody has a sweet tooth, now is your chance to really indulge!

Honey – This might bee the flavor for you!

Jasmine – some real southern comfort while brushing!

Coffee – because maybe you’re looking for a flavor to really get your day moving!

And Lastly…Champagne! So, Make a toast, and brush away!

To see a full list of some very diverse flavors click here.