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So many of us are rushed at lunchtime and sometimes your oral heath suffers for it. Mornings are even busier so let’s just start with lunch for now. Taking just a little more time to consider what you’re eating for lunch can be important to both your oral and overall health. Here are some tips to make the noon hour meal better for you and your teeth.

1. Make Wise Choices

Chewy, sugary foods or dried fruits like raisins can be really bad for your teeth because they can stick to your teeth! To satisfy that sweet tooth, choose fresh fruit or even a little bit of chocolate.

Processed, starchy foods need to be limited. They also can stick to teeth and then turn into sugars very quickly. If you have a choice go for whole grains, nuts or seeds.

2. Drinks Matter Too

As you probably know by now, soft drinks and even most sports drinks are not friends of your teeth. Many fruit juices can be loaded with both sugar and acid. Instead, opt for water or milk. Even chocolate milk can have its benefits since it has protein and a good dose of calcium.

If you feel you have to have your soda then make sure you drink some water after to help rinse and stabilize your mouth.

3. Some Foods Are Natural Brushers

Did you know that some foods actually help your teeth? Yogurts and cheese reduce acidity and even protect you from some of the other harmful foods. Also, there are wonderful fruits and vegetables that can help clean your teeth when you eat them and eliminate some of the built-up sugars and starches from your meal. Some to consider include celery, apples, carrots, cucumbers, and pears.

So go out and enjoy lunch and keep your teeth happy at the same time!