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Here are a few secrets to whitening your teeth at home:

1. DRINK WATER – after every meal drink, swish, and enjoy a glass of tap water. The fluoride will assist in strengthening your teeth while swishing the water will rinse off any unwanted food particles that might otherwise cause a stain.

2. EAT YOUR VEGGIES…FIRST – Eating your vegetables first (particularly broccoli and lettuce) will protect your teeth from acids found in various foods.

3. LEARN TO LOVE STRAWBERRIES – Strawberries whiten teeth instantly if you simply rub the strawberry meat long your teeth and allow it to sit for up to five minutes.

4. USE A STRAW – when drinking darker beverages, use a straw! Straws make it easier to avoid any darker beverages from coming in contact with your teeth…thus, avoiding stain!

These are just a few of the many ways whitening your teeth can be easy, quick, and hassle free!

But first and foremost….