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Dr. Mehrnaz Iranmehr and our Preston Family Dentistry team have been helping patients in Dallas, Texas, with their oral health needs for a long time, and our goal is to support your oral health needs to help you maintain strong, healthy smiles.

If you are currently experiencing pain from a tooth which might be infected, you might require a root canal to save the tooth from extraction. Root canals get to the root of tooth pain, as the center of your tooth contains tooth pulp. This pulp is made of connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves which branch out into each root through canals in the tooth. Thanks to decay, they can become inflamed or infected.

How does a tooth become infected or inflamed? Your tooth may be damaged from having a deep cavity, or cracking, breaking, an injury to the tooth, having repeated dental procedures like fillings on a tooth and even gum disease. All of these allow bacteria to enter the pulp and cause damage to the tooth.

At Preston Family Dentistry, we usually like to save a tooth rather than replace it if possible, and a root canal allows us to do just that. Although patients often worry that root canals are painful procedures, not only are they similar to having a filling done but they actually provide pain relief from current tooth pain.

When you come in for a root canal you can expect the following: Once X-rays have shown us where the infection/inflammation is, we will apply a local anesthetic to make sure you are comfortable. Next, our dentist will remove any damaged pulp and thoroughly clean and disinfect the space left behind. Then, this space will be filled and sealed with a rubberlike material called gutta-percha. At some point, the tooth will require a dental filling or crown to protect the tooth.

Diligent daily brushing and flossing will remove oral debris, bacteria, and plaque that can lead to decay. Coupled with regular dental cleanings to remove hardened plaque and tartar deposits, you will be providing the best possible environment to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease from taking hold.

Even after a root canal treatment, a tooth can still be affected by decay and gum disease. This means maintaining good oral hygiene.

If you have any concerns or are interested in scheduling your next cleaning and exam, we invite you to call us at 972-447-9707. Dr. Mehrnaz Iranmehr and our Preston Family Dentistry team in Dallas, Texas, are here to help you ensure your healthy, beautiful smile!