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Are you currently living with any lost or missing teeth? Are you attracted to tooth replacements such as dentures? No matter what your oral health care desires are, we can help you with your denture treatments. The best smiles are possible with denture care. Facts about dentures include:

– Dentures can be removed nightly for both comfort and easy cleaning. Make sure to store dentures in a soaking solution to prevent them from drying out.

– Partial dentures can be used to fill in the voids for a missing tooth or two. Complete dentures can be used to fill in the voids for entire rows of teeth.

– Dentures can assist in lowering your risk for a variety of oral ailments, including tooth slippage, plaque buildup, and jawbone deterioration.

– A mouth with missing teeth appears sunken in, with an aged look that can be reversed with the addition of dentures.

– Dentures can help reinstate eating, speaking, and chewing habits affected by missing teeth.

– Dentures can fix smiles damaged and altered due to missing teeth.

If you notice signs of oral injury, fortunately, it can be treated. Preston Family Dentistry remains committed to your oral health, and you are welcome to book an appointment with us by calling 972-447-9707. Stop by our dentist office in Dallas, Texas, and Dr. Mehrnaz Iranmehr and our team will give you the treatment you need. Make the change you seek in yourself today!