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Sure, you are probably brushing regularly and even have started flossing daily. But Dentist Smilethere are always a few more things you can do to keep your mouth fresh and happy. Here are a few tips to maintain that Winning Smile.

Brushing For Results

Brush in a circular motion. Most people have a natural urge to brush using a back and forth motion. This is not recommended because this motion does not effectively clean the base of your gums, which is where plaque and bacteria accumulate. Brush for at least two minutes. It takes at least two full minutes of brushing to remove plaque and build up from each tooth. Start with your back teeth. Most people tend to pay extra attention to their front teeth when brushing, which is why most cases of extreme plaque, tartar buildup and cavities tend to affect the teeth in the back of the mouth more often than it affects those in the front. Brush each side of each tooth and your tongue. Brush the front and back of each tooth and each chewing surface thoroughly. Every area of your tooth that is exposed should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent plaque and tartar from building.

The Right Way To Floss

Begin by choosing 18 to 24 inches of dental floss. Wrapping the ends of the floss around your index fingers is the best way to hold it. Don’t force the floss between your teeth. You should use floss in a gentle sawing motion. Start the flossing procedure from your rear molars. You must work the floss in a C shape. Be gentle and scrape the floss around your teeth. The best way is to go up in a gentle manner until you meet resistance. When you are done with each tooth, change the section of floss you’re using. Do not use the same piece of floss between more than two teeth. Keep on doing this until you are done with all your teeth.

And Do Not Forget To Rinse After

The American Dental Association (ADA) notes that rinsing with mouthwash provides extra protection against bacteria, beyond the protection provided by brushing and flossing. Pour about 20ml of your favorite mouthwash into a small cup. Pour the mouthwash into your mouth. Do not swallow. Gargle it for about 45 seconds.Spit it out into the sink

Following these simple techniques on a daily basis will make you smile more often. And at Preston Family Dentistry, we love to see you smile!