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These days, with social media and social networking, it’s fairly easy to gauge an individual’s personality. In fact, you rarely have to take a guess at it – it’s most likely already broadcasted across their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. But there’s also another dead giveaway…Your toothpaste!

Just the way you squeeze the tube says more than you think! For instance…

You impulsive, life-of-the-party, people tend to squeeze from the middle…who has time to be a perfectionist?!

Speaking of those perfectionists…you all tend to squeeze delicately from the bottom – sometimes even curling up the bottom for a neater, more satisfying aesthetic.

It’s been claimed that those stubborn individuals – you know who you are – tend to squeeze from the top. Don’t worry, we know you’re not going to change your ways! As long as the toothpaste finds the toothbrush, right?

And last of all…those who don’t squeeze the tube at all. Unused tubes of toothpaste can only mean one thing – never been used! I don’t think any of our readers apply here! But if that’s the case…YIKES. Better make an appointment!

Well, you’ve accomplished a lot this summer. With a better understanding of yourself, you’re all set for a vacation now! But not a vacation from brushing!