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The 4th of July is fast approaching, and it’s a day full of patriotic celebration, where we honor our country and enjoy Independence Day with a grand display of…


It’s your job to enjoy the Holiday, but it’s our job here at Preston Family Dentistry to make sure your smile glows right alongside your patriotic spirit!

Here are a few ways fireworks can provide helpful hints to improve our smiles…

1. Surprise the Crowd

Part of the excitement on the 4th of July is anxiously anticipating the show, so when it finally begins with that very first burst of color everyone is always happily surprised. A smile can be just as breathtaking when you’re least expecting it; you never know who around you needs it the most!

2. Make Sure To Shine Bright

This hardly needs an explanation! Just like a fireworks show burns bright in the sky, make sure your smile is has a glow as well – brush, floss, and rinse thoroughly multiple times a day to ensure it’s a crowd pleaser!

3. Mix it Up a Bit!

Fireworks are exciting, because of the variety! So make sure you’re combining a variety of efforts into creating a smile worth celebrating! Brush your teeth to music, swish around some minty fresh mouth wash, try out some tasty floss, and enjoy the heads that turn when you flash your beautiful smile!

4. Lastly, Go Out With A Bang

That’s right, always, always, always end strong…which means you should make very sure you’re taking the necessary trips to the dentist! Getting a professional opinion on the smile you’ve worked so hard to maintain is simply the cherry on top – confirmation of a job well done!

For a list of places to see Fireworks in the DFW this year click here.