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There is one individual who takes a trip around the globe on a nightly basis – can you guess who that is? Image

It’s not Santa Claus…

It’s not the Easter Bunny…

They’re small in size, but large in significance…

That’s right! It’s the Tooth Fairy!

Whenever we hit that SMILEstone in life – when we begin to lose our baby teeth – it’s the Tooth Fairy’s job to make it memorable! And that Tooth Fairy is committed, because your teeth are just that important!

Let’s think about it; you might recall that the value of a single baby tooth today is approximately $2. So, the Tooth Fairy purchases each tooth, leaving behind two crisp dollar bills that lead to nothing less than….A SMILE!

No matter the distance, the time, the location, your Tooth Fairy makes it their business to deliver! To thank you for taking care of those baby teeth, and to salute you for making way for new, adult teeth.

Why are those baby teeth so important and valuable though? Because without that single tooth, holding the place for your adult tooth, your smile just wouldn’t be complete!

And you’re never fully dressed without a smile!

So, do yourself, and your Tooth Fairy, a favor and practice exceptional oral hygiene!

Because when you go the extra mile, people notice your smile!