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Over the years, root canal treatment has gained a negative reputation that inspired many jokes and caused several dental patients a great deal of anxiety. In truth, root canal treatment is a crucial advancement in modern dentistry. A tooth that is infected, damaged, or decayed can be preserved with root canal treatment as opposed to being extracted.

Your dental pulp is the inner part of your tooth that harbors its blood vessels and nerves, and if the pulp is affected by disease, the bacteria can advance along your jaw and invade the rest of your body. Infection in the dental pulp is typically a result of tooth damage that has enabled bacteria to reach the inner tooth. If this occurs, root canal treatment may be the only option of saving the tooth from extraction.

A root canal procedure requires our dentist to remove the diseased pulp and thoroughly clear the root chamber of any remaining bacteria so that she can replace the pulp with a material known as gutta-percha. Then, she covers the tooth with a temporary seal until you can receive a custom-made dental crown at your following appointment. We will provide you with personalized instructions to optimize your healing and help you care for the treated tooth.

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