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Good oral hygiene habits extend beyond brushing your teeth twice each day and attending a routine dental checkups twice each year. Without daily flossing residual food deposits, plaque buildup, and sugar residue could accumulate between your teeth, behind your molars, and along the gumline.

If these areas aren’t cleaned in a reasonable amount of time, the bacterial matter could hardened into calculus. The presence of this material near you gums can significantly increase your chances of suffering from periodontal disease.

If you have noticed that your gums appear inflamed, or bleed easily when brushing, you should schedule an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Mehrnaz Iranmehr.

With early diagnosis, she might be able to treat the gum inflammation of gingivitis before it can worsen into the more serious oral health condition of periodontitis.

Left unchecked, this chronic periodontal health condition could cause an infection to develop around the roots of multiple teeth. This could eventually lead to significant problems with tooth loss and decreased oral structure.

The systemic inflammation caused by periodontitis can also influence other medical conditions including diabetes and your chances of suffering from a cardiovascular condition.

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