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Summer is all about relaxation, and nothing is more relaxing than yoga, because…

Yoga Good For Dental Health

Yoga strengthens the mind, the body, and…the teeth?

Yes, you heard correctly. This ancient Indian practice can relieve you of daily stresses, help maintain or attain a swimsuit ready figure, and make that smile of yours stand out – multitasking never sounded so enticing!

I know what you’re thinking, how can bending, twisting, and breathing really help my teeth? Easy, Yoga:

1. Decreases blood pressure

2. Reduces your heart rate

3. Decreases stress

Those who experience high stress levels are more inclined to grind their teeth, eventually leading to worn or cracked teeth.

So, relax – you’ll find that your teeth and gums are more resistant to infections, cold sores, and canker sores as a result!

Now focus your mind on something beautiful… I’m picturing a healthy smile.